In the world of the entertainment, there is both the creators and the audience. With a novel, it’s for the most part one person as the author, and the readers who read the work of said author. The creator and the consumer. The storyteller and the audience member. Performance is another aspect that I won’t discuss, so as to avoid unnecessary tangents, but it is there for your consideration.

Now, allow me to distinguish between creator and consumer. The creator is and will forever be a creator of worlds. Of ideas, thoughts, emotions, fictional human beings and fictional animals. The creator creates. Always. Therefore, it is the duty of the consumer to always and solely consume the project of the creator. A consumer will continue to follow, and purchase, then consume, from one creator if that creator delivers a product that can be trusted and verified. Meaning, based on that creator’s track record, the consumer is more willing to continue purchasing new material or, they will stop supporting that creator.

Although not a musician myself, I am an observer of history. How many times have bands/artists fallen off your list of music played? And I mean, how often does a band continue to produce the “lightning in a bottle” effect? There are die hard fans, and then there are fair weather fans. Die hard fans will ALWAYS support that creator. Fair weather fans will drop off if the bell curve of genius takes a dip.

Regardless, I digress. The point is, the creator and the consumer are two different entities, and when each comes together, it creates a magical experience.

Here’s where I’ve gone wrong. As a consumer, I thought, why not get these creators I support to be consumers of my creations? First and foremost, I have yet to deliver the novel I plan to deliver no later than October 2022. So there’s that. Another major aspect is, while my thought isn’t bad, it isn’t how the game works. If you are a consumer of a creator, do NOT cross the line that is the boundary of creator and consumer. Give praise as a consumer, speak about what you loved in the work of art you experienced.

My point is, if you are a consumer who is also a creator- don’t try and get people to consume, who are themselves creators. If they want to consume my work as a creator, I feel that should be that individuals choice. If I force people to consume my art, people will not be as likely to consume my art. If I write essays, and write fiction in the dark, and read as a consumer, then I’m on the right track.

Us humans are fragile, delicate. I respect that. How gentle I must be. How I should be humble, and do my best to articulate. Sometimes I should shut the fuck up. I know I’m not alone. In fact I take courage in knowing many are trying to overcome the same things I am.

I’ll close this essay out by saying, love art. Appreciate art and the artists that make the art you love. I’m NOT talking about me. Go out and find a new author- pick up their book and read. Buy it or rent it from the library. Even if you go outside and feel gratitude for nature, you’re doing it. Be glad to be alive. This is my own attitude today. I’m broke as a joke and have little food, but I am grateful.

-Philip Webb, 9:54am, September 8th, 2022

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