For the most part people want to connect with other people. Be it a friendship, family, or romance. Sometimes people connect based on profession. Many possible ways for people to connect with one another. Music can connect people together, sports can, movies can, books can. I myself am a fan of any story. Even a sporting event is a story. There’s a beginning, middle, and end. May not be as exciting to someone who isn’t a fan of sports, but as an observer I’m confident you can use your logical imagining skills to understand that sports offers a story as well. Oh, and video games. Surely there are more ways for people to connect. These are several ways I enjoy connecting with other people. Alas, I still haven’t answered why I have a question mark at the end of the title of this essay.

In the past six months or so, I’ve done my part to build bridges of connection with other people. And to my great surprise I’ve made some interesting relationships. What’s neither good nor bad is that some connections haven’t really worked the way I had expected them to. That’s why expectations are silly things to have. Maybe not stupid, because hope comes down to the expectation of something better than sadness and pain being true and real. In moments we find ourselves surrounded by emotions. Like a rainbow of emotions, we feel it all. Best to not be attached. Seek, do not destroy. Continue to search in new ways, to find what you seek.

What I’ve found with myself, in regards to connecting with people, is that I’m a person who does best when I publish essays and novels of fiction. It’s for you. I love doing it, but ultimately I want to connect most through what I write to the public, for public consumption. I love being a fan, a reader, but I also want to be a god of worlds. I want to express what I observe and see if others might feel similar ways. I want to shake the Earth a bit. I don’t want to see the world burn, and I hope that in this life, maybe we can love each other just a little more than we already do. I cannot connect as an individual but only as an artist. I can only be real to you in your imagination. I’m here to help you see from a different perspective that may actually not be all that different from your perspective.

Do I seek to change the world, no. I seek to enjoy what I do, but to also present what if scenarios. I mean that I want to give you the reader an experience, one that may be a warning. If we do this as a community, as a society, then this might happen. I speculate, I consider alternatives. That’s why I once again love to write fiction stories.

I tried to connect with other authors/storytellers on social media. Wasn’t what I had hoped for. That’s neither good or bad, it is what it is. I can write whenever and not worry about much so long as I mind my business. The business here being essays.

So what’s the point, deep down, of this essay? To know that connections can last a lifetime, or, maybe like, two weeks (two days even). Open to everything, attached to nothing.

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