I had a friend tell me I should take notes. These essays are sort of me doing the same- this is how I take notes.

It’s not wrong to emulate those we aspire to be like. Not to be that exact person, of course. To be our own person who is similar.

For myself I see that I’m kind of a mixture of things. I see that I’m serious. I see that I’m weird. I have a taste for odd shit, shit that disturbs. I enjoy stories that disturb, or terrify the audience. I myself enjoy being terrified.

In regards to my fiction work, I have this relationship. I’m equal parts articulate and strange. I don’t have to try. It happens naturally. It’s why I once again enjoy fiction writing.

I find that the rhythm comes down to my voice on the page, be it omnipotent or through the eyes of a certain fictional character.

I figure out what works and what doesn’t. For me. I don’t worry about how anyone else makes it work. I admire and window shop. Then I return to my factory and I produce my own works.

Otherwise I’m a customer service rep. I watch The Simpsons often. I try to read when I’m able. I spend time with my dogs. I enjoy the outdoors. Not much else. I try to keep things simple. Less stress that way.

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