I’m now eight hours and twenty six minutes into Stephen King’s new novel, Fairy Tale. By my math, I’m more than 33% completed on this story. So, roughly I’ve read about a third of this book so far.

What I can tell you without spoiling anything is there is an old dog. Boy falls in love with dog, dog falls in love with boy. And the boy is sad, because, the boy knows the dog doesn’t have much longer to live.

This made me think of the dogs I’ve had that’ve since passed, and the dogs that currently live with me. It makes me sad inside. Because if you’ve ever really loved a dog, until it passed away, you know what I mean.

I sadly had to put my dog Yoda down last December, 2021. It feels like yesterday. He’s buried six feet deep in my backyard, and every time I look towards that part of the yard, I see his grave and mourn. The pain is as real as if it happened yesterday. Haven’t gotten over it. It doesn’t help that Yoda was a three year old pug. Not that old at all. And then he was gone.

I think of Kaylee, and how I wasn’t there to hold her as she was put down. I should’ve been there for her. I regret that, not being there when she passed. I hope she can forgive me.

As someone who hasn’t had friends for many years, the only true friendships I’ve had since have been the companionship of the dogs I’ve lived with. Seems kinda weird or strange, but it’s true.

That’s all I can say without ruining anything. Don’t want to spoil Fairy Tale for any of you. It’s so far been the most amazing read I’ve read in awhile. I needed this book.

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