Today I turned 34 years old.

I also finished Fairy Tale by Stephen King. Lots of Easter Eggs in that book. Loved it so much. Read it if you’re looking for a good read.

I now say I’m a dark prince. I say this to show that I can fight evil with my own evil. Some versions are different. Versions of myself. But for now I know I can renew myself.

Become the person I know I am.

Which is a person who writes stuff. Like this post I tell of a story.

This story is about how when I write I release myself. I let go, give myself to art.

I love to create. It is unique and specific to how I say things. How I put words together. It’s fun. I can’t get enough of it.

I have had an amazing day. I will go to sleep tonight and smile before I pass out.

I’m excited to share more, tomorrow.

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