If I can share information that’s free with you all, then I feel that’s the purpose I serve. Whether you find these suggestions to work for you or not, it’s still here, in this essay.

The first thing I know is to read a lot and write a lot. When I am reading a lot, I like to read as much as possible. By that I mean I try to read different genres so as to see how different writers spin a good yarn. What their prose is like. How do these different storytellers structure the story, why is it a success. What makes it amazing. From there, I write. I write and write to emulate traits and qualities of prose from writers I love. It also takes time to achieve one’s own voice on the page, without sounding like a hack.

The other thing that’s important is to be kind, and by being kind, attempt to connect with as many others in the industry as possible. This will be a benefit when people you know can help, and are willing to help, because you were kind and professional.

While this is good, making friends, also remember to stay in your lane. Don’t argue or criticize others. Don’t try to one up anyone else. Just write and produce. Don’t worry about what critics say, in negative ways. Just write and produce. If your friends are giving you help to make the story better, listen to them. Find ways to tinker and modify to make the final product the best it can be.

Also, don’t be an asshole. Being an asshole is a sure fire way to lose opportunities in the future. People will not want to work with an asshole, let alone help the asshole in question with ins in the industry they might have. Assholes will perish. And would that be worth it? Would being an asshole have done any good for you, me or anyone else? Not at all. Don’t be an asshole. That’s about it.

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