I love to read. I have been in a bit of a slump lately. Today changes that. I’m currently reading TORTURE THE SINNERS! by Judith Sonnet. So far I love it. Zombie undead creatures sent to kill the sinners. Pretty epic. A monk goes rogue and starts something down below the monastery.

I want to read a couple books at once. I think it’s fun to dip my feet into different stories in one day. I like that feeling. Of two different prose, two different unique narrating voices.

I love to have books near. On my nightstand. On my coffee table. On book shelves. I love books. To smell them, flip through the pages. See paragraphs and glimpse what’s what in any given story.

Books offer a form of escape from reality. Yet really good books speak to things we can apply in reality. I always come back from reading a book feeling more prepared to take on whatever the day may bring. That’s comforting and is why I’m sure I continue to read.

Love comic books too, graphic novels. I look forward to picking up more comics in the near future.

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