I’m mad. I’m mad because I received $3.25 today. From my work.

Where’s the $285 that I earned? It’s been four weeks and I still haven’t been paid for the bulk of my work at this job.

So basically, I’m not going to work again until I get paid. I will not work for free. Absolutely not. I can sit on my ass for free, which is much easier in my opinion. Less stress, less dealing with bullshit from customers. I sit on my ass at home, the only person I have to deal with is my roommate. Still not ideal, but it’s better than being a customer service rep that isn’t getting his payment for his work.

I’m not blaming anyone, although someone really fucked this up. And I’m the one who suffers. I’m tired of suffering. I’m getting to a point where enough is enough.

If this bullshit continues, I’m going to start calling lawyers, news stations, my senator and governor. I will not be crushed for going above and beyond. That’s back asswards. The universe will no longer fuck me without cause. Karma, sorry, but you’re out of place in my life right now. Be gone and fuck over people who are truly awful. I’m not your target. And boy, Karma, you’re going to feel fucking stupid when I prove YOU ARE WRONG about me.

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