I want to give a heads up to all you readers now before I inject fictional characters within these posts.

The character will speak from their point of view, which means the narrative voice will be first person point of view.

I’m saying this now so as to give you an awareness that I will write from the perspective of made up individuals. In fact you don’t know who I am other than a voice you listen to sometimes. I’ve had fun with this voice, although I feel it within me to branch off from the trunk of the tree. To grow branches with leaves.

I also want you to realize these FICTIONAL VOICES are just that. These are people I’ve imagined. And I method act through them. Yes, I’m the person writing the fiction; at the same time, these characters do not represent who I am or what I think about people and life in general. These FICTIONAL CHARACTERS are unrelated to me as the author of said creative, fictional people. These voices are figments of my imagination. Upon where I take from my imaginings, write them out, then send it off for you to read.

I really don’t know shit about shit. Maybe I do but for some reason that doesn’t seem to impress the universe lately. So I figure I will instead write like I don’t know a goddamn thing. Try that out see how it works.

You’ve been warned. I’ve given disclaimers. Also, the voices of said fictional people, having any similarities to a real person, are mere coincidence, and are not based on anyone in reality.

Until next time,

Philip Webb

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