At times I will write journal entries. Now is one of those times.

I meditated on a couple things, pieces of advice given to me by other individuals who, I believe, are similar to guides on my journey.

One piece of advice was to live indifferent to the bullshit. I really dwelt on that yesterday. I thought of the concept of saying “fuck it” or, “whatever”. It doesn’t mean I don’t care about stuff. I do care about the good things I can constantly do. I care about my positive attitude. I care about laughing and smiling. I care about being a team player at work. I work with my teammates, so we can be a unit that rocks magical powers.

I don’t care about the silent treatment. Fuck that. Do what you gotta do. Is the silent treatment anything but an illusion? It is just that- a mental tactic. Meaning, its a sneaky thing. IF one allows others behaviors or actions to affect that individual on a personal level, surely stress, anxiety, and fear will dominate. What I find for myself since yesterday is to not give two shits about what you do, or do not do, in regards to me.

This leads me to the other piece of advice I received. Independent artists are not artists who should expect massive popularity, similar to the likes of say, Stephen King. I choose to be independent because I get to make the calls. Select the cover art from an artist. I get to say what I want, be it a flop or a mediocre success. Maybe something will blow the fuck up. Although, from the wisdom given, I will say now I’m not counting on any level of major fame as an author/writer/storyteller. Right now I work hard to deliver pieces of the puzzle to myself, and maybe also to you (in your own world).

This is my world. Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay. If you don’t, go ahead and leave. Or, be undecided, and continue to join me in my world.

I plan to publish an essay/journal entry/bio of fictional characters at least once every day. For how long? I dunno. I’m going to take it a day at a time. Let the pieces fall where they may. This way, if I don’t publish on a given day, I won’t stress it- rather, I’ll lean forward and post the following day. Being too rigid as an indy artist seems counter-productive, at least for me in my little coconut brain.

Work went well. Smooth sailing, got to listen to some great music while working. Laughed a lot, worked a lot. Now I’m in pain physically, but mentally I feel I earned my chill time. That’s a rewarding feeling that I hope you all reading this continue to embrace. Yes, work can suck ass at times. Sometimes we workers have to eat a shit sandwich or two. But we’re not in hell (not yet anyway). So it could be worse. Who knows- there might be a juicy, fresh filet mignon cut of beef at home. Helps wash away the shit taste. And, eating that fine meal (vegans you imagine what a fine meal would be to you besides meat) makes us let go of the shit sandwich. Almost like, “fuck it”.

And I’ve come full circle. And I work at a Circle. Fuck it. Whatever. Approach the bullshit and shit sandwiches, shit behavior and shitty birds, with the whatever/fuck it response.

Life is too short. No need to feed the drama monster. Let that beast die. Leave it alone. Smoke a fat bowl of weed. Or maybe take some CBD. I would say do some other mind altering things, but I don’t wanna get anyone (myself included) in trouble.

Over and Out.

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