Be it what it may, I don’t speak to many people.

I speak to my roommate, my boss, my mom, and one of my sister’s. That’s four people I know I can hit up and talk with, eventually in time. The rest of the people have done what’s called a brush off.

I don’t know if people are lying or not, but sometimes I get the feeling that people aren’t keeping it real with me. So, I leave these people be-family, friends.

I believe in me. I believe I will eventually have a social network to be a part of, where myself and others talk about stuff we enjoy. I don’t think I’m off on that being a common goal for most all humans. I don’t seek to be someone who is worshipped. I don’t want fame or power, or control. I seek open ended conversations, chats where all opinions are respected and constructively acknowledged. To enjoy the company of other like-minded individuals. Who chat about things of mutual interest.

Anyway. I think that’s it for today. I want Taco Bell, and dammit, I might just go and get me some Taco Bell.

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