Loose change not necessary. The change of the tides. The change in weather. The change in mood. The change, in energy amongst us all. Separate but whole. So wild to consider.

I can smell the change in the atmosphere outside. I can sense the days grow shorter. The sun doesn’t rise until later, for it is lethargic and wants to hibernate prior to rising.

I can see the way people move is changing. Bare in mind the cold. The weather is about to change. Come October I will have the energy I need. For I produce most from the months of October up until March or April. May until September is just me doing what I can to pass the time. The sweet spot begins in October, for me.

So I’m ready. I’m working with an amazing artist by the name of Christy Aldridge. She’s got the stuff that inspires my work. I can give life to characters I’d of otherwise missed, with Christy’s art. So cool.

Anyway, I hope this change is a productive one for you. I hope you can publish your work. I found out that it’s free to publish independently on Amazon. So, you’ve got all these finished stories, yet you’re not publishing via Amazon? Whats a the matter with you? Seriously. Publish. Or perish.

Even if no one reads it, you still win. You did it. You put your work out into the world for others to see. And to consider what it is you have to say. There’s nothing better than finding your voice and then sharing it with the world. Truly, do it now. Get on it soon. Because otherwise, no one will remember you. We need you. To give us the goods.

I give you the goods here, for now. Then Amazon. And that’ll be my two platforms where I speak with a voice. Give info that might be useful.

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