You ain’t got a job, you ain’t got shit to do.

It’s Friday, and I’m going to get you high.

The movie FRIDAY stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, amongst other actors famous to the silver screen.

This is my favorite of the FRIDAY movies, the first one, FRIDAY, the OG of the bunch.

Here’s why.

We start off with Craig being fired from his job. So on Friday, when he’s supposed to be working, he ain’t got shit to do. Smokey (Chris Tucker) comes over and hangs with Craig. Hilarity and drama ensues.

Smokey has some weed to smoke. From this dude, a drug dealer, named Big Worm. Now, Big Worm fronted Smokey this weed. Meaning, Smokey owed Big Worm back a certain amount of money. Smokey was SUPPOSED to sell some of the weed, maybe even most of the weed- and have a little left over to smoke for himself.

We learn Smokey did not sell any of the weed, maybe a little- but not enough to pay back Big Worm.

The drama ensues when Smokey tries to bamboozle his way out of coming up short to Big Worm, by explaining that he and Craig smoked it up. No big deal, Big Worm.

But Big Worm is not okay with this. In fact, he states he’s going to kill Smokey AND Craig later that evening if Smokey cannot come up with the rest of the money owed, by a certain time.

We also have D BOW. He’s a bully. And is for the most part a stock character bully.

But for me, the movie really circulates around the weed.

How, Craig never smoked before, and because he said “fuck it”, he’s now facing a death sentence.

That’s insane. In fact, Big Worm comes to kill Smokey and Craig. Doesn’t happen, but we the audience understand that Big Worm is serious.

Of course, the bully D Bow has some money on him. Craig beats his ass, and takes the money. Smokey pays off Big Worm, and says he’s done smoking.

So all ends well.

The adventure leading up to the end is exhilarating. If you haven’t seen this movie, give it a watch.

It’s worth it. It’s funny, and it’s serious. Not an easy combo to pull off.

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