I am unable to say i’ve mastered unconditional love. I still need to transcend my self aka my ego. But, I can speak to what I’ve learned about unconditional love thus far.

unconditional love is always open, attached to nothing. In that love will always support those who are doing their best. Be open to possibilities and giving oneself to support others.

I also believe that unconditional love has no boundaries, so in that pain is part of unconditional love. When I love someone and they hurt me, I let it go. I love them, at the core of my being. I don’t hold a grudge or disappear. I will leave if someone else doesn’t want to be in a friendship anymore. I’m not attached to anything, open to everything.

I think of the dogs I take care of, my fur children. They always want to cuddle and give doggy kisses. Sometimes laying on me, or next to me in the bed. I love how much they always love me. Always happy to see me and be with me. It makes me feel like I should treat humans just like my dogs treat me. Dogs are the best I think. Cats are also the best. I miss kitties in the house. But I don’t want to have an incident where one or both of the big dogs tries to harm the kitten. Can’t have that. Won’t try, for fear of the cat being harmed. Maybe down the road. If I’m still alive twenty years from now.

Love is patient, love is kind. I love this quote from Christian text. I get mad at the churches, and the people who are not spiritual, yet claim to be followers of such and such. I’m not saying it’s easy to forsake our own desires, to help others. It’s giving ourselves away. But it should feel great. To see how holding the door brings a smile and a thank you. How, helping an old person who has fallen stand on their feet again. Ask if they need help getting to the hospital, or if they’re okay.

I’m still learning about love. I feel I’ll be a student to love for my entire life. Always room to grow in love. To be more profound with love. More deep, more love in general.

That’s it. I might write something later. I’ve got ideas, so I guess it’d be wise to press them out, here.

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