Yeah so, I’m Nathan. Not Nate. Not Nathaniel. Nathan. Nathan is what you call me.

Sometimes I do the chicken dance wings flapping blood spills from my mouth and I grin. But that’s just a dream.

It’s not easy being mentally ill. I want to be healthy. I know deep down I’m okay but I always fuck things up. I didn’t mean to fuck up. Still, no one cares about that. I fucked up. That’s what these people care about.

I’m shunned by society but I know Jack. Jack the Puppet. But he’s not a puppet. The puppet speaks with words I and many others understand. Jack gets us. He somehow understands. And he has a plan for the world. Specifically he wants to help us Americans. He says he loves Americans. I know that he means that, when he says it.

Well I mostly sit around the house. I watch shows and movies. I don’t want to say which ones because then I might give too much away. You don’t need to relate to me in fact you stopped doing that long ago. I don’t need friends. Jack made that clear to me. That he was the only friend I need from here on out. Jack is right. I’ll keep my interests a secret. You don’t really care, anyhow.

I think I’ll go take a smoke break. I might make some coffee. Go for a walk wearing my hoodie. It’s too fucking hot for a hoodie but that doesn’t stop me. Pulling the hood over the top of my head. I don’t need you looking at my face. You don’t need to see what I look like.

I’m Nathan. And I’ll be back.

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