Be who you want to be. It’s that simple. It’s that complex.

Live as you want. Societal constraints are not real. Don’t believe in compromise when it comes to your energy. Your spirit. Your soul.

Don’t settle. Never settle down. Always be on adventure. Books can give that. So can writing. Living can be an adventure too. Just going for a walk, maybe with your dog. Is an adventure.

I’m never going to say do this or do that. I think about shit, and I think maybe. Maybe, as a suggestion, try this on for size.

The thing is, I’m a tailor of worlds. Maybe they are fictional. Because, they are from what I imagine. I write some disturbing things, sometimes, from the mind of disturbing fictional minds. It’s an outlet for me. This is an outlet for me.

Music is an outlet. Speaking is an outlet.

I believe that I can. So I will. I will continue to. And then keep on with it. Never stop. Never ring the bell.

So much to say. So I may as well say it. All of it.

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