The goal is to read more books. Or listen to audible books. Because that’s where ideas stem from. You catch a little detail in another story and expand, make it whole on its own. I’ve always adored reading because the themes and ideas captured within are timeless. If done writing, the voices of characters, the rhythm and cadence to the sentences, the nuances and creative liberties taken.

We can all learn from other writers. In fact I believe with all of my being this is how an individual becomes a better writer, in part. Writing daily is also a necessary thing to become a better writer. A better storyteller though, comes from reading other stories. How does the author craft a story? How do they weave in details, landscape, surroundings, senses? How does the author make the story captivating, how are you moved as a reader to keep reading the next page, and the next? What makes it magic, is what we as readers need to be aware of.

Translate that into writing and storytelling, you’ve got a good amount in your toolbox. I’m convinced that reading everyday is necessary, and reading as much as possible. Brian Bowyer has now read like 220 something books this year. That’s rockstar reader level! Man is dedicated to the craft of reading and writing. Check out Brian Bowyer as an author, as he writes like a demon with a mission. His stories are amazing.

Another author that I see doing amazing things is Judith Sonnet. She is pushing new stories out to the public like, every three weeks. Go, Judith! That’s amazing and as a fellow writer I’m really proud of how much she is on the grind. Put in the time and the results will be undeniable. I know that when I’m in my zone and I write, each time I get better at my prose.

Well, that’s it really. Check out Brian Bowyer and Judith Sonnet if you get a chance. Jay Bower also has some great stuff to read. He just released a new novel yesterday that you might want to give a read!

Peace out girl scouts.

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