I guess it depends on the person, if they dream or not. Maybe some people sometimes have dreams, but not every time they sleep. For myself I dream every night when I’m asleep.

Last night I remember being on a football team. Not professional, I think high school or college ball. We never were in a game from what I can remember. Just hanging around on the field and then… I’m in a mall, wondering around. I’m on the road and have stopped at a diner that’s next to something else, usually a monster killer that lurks down the street in one of the houses. Sometimes my grandparents are around.

I remember last night I was with my dad. We were traveling by means of a car? Maybe, or just walking. We end up on a beach that reminds me of Cabo San Lucas. Then we wonder over to the left, and there’s this little alcove. It’s like a hidden part of the beach where the moon always is out in the sky and the stars shine bright. For some weird reason one of my cousin’s was there. Exercising in the water. My dad asked what he and his woman do for work. I said nothing really, they’re kind of like hippies.

I also remember being involved in warfare. In combat fatigues, looking for supernatural forces to battle. Caves and mountains, open sky on the cliffs of mountains, and machines descending from the sky, speaking an alien language.

There’s sometimes a very foul witch that lives in a house. She’s sometimes there haunting it, other times, she’s nowhere to be seen, but lingering invisibly somewhere. There are times I’m in swamp lands on a boat and gators are a real threat, even though they most often are not a threat.

I seem to know the people I run into. Sometimes I’m traveling streets, going north east south west. Just cruising I suppose. Sometimes I’m in LA, sometimes I’m in Paris. Sometimes my family is involved in the dreams, other times it’s just me. Or I’ll remember faces from long ago, and we are back together in Omaha, Nebraska, where it’s winter and it’s very cold and dreary.

Sometimes law enforcement gets involved. Never have I been imprisoned in my dreams (thank you dream land for that). There’s lots happening in my dreams. So I might share with you some more of my dream world.

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