I am given help. For that help I’m grateful.

I live an independent life. For the most part. The monies I receive must be allocated better. It can be done. I have to make it work. Otherwise, living will continue to be difficult.

I may never make the big money. So with that in mind I have to make work what I have.

I’m not doing much at all today. I decided to write this even if it’s not saying much.

I’m on my own. A lone shepherd. It is really depressing since I do love spending time with people. So I’m depressed often. Even without drinking alcohol the depression cripples me.

I’m doing my best. I will continue to do my best. I believe good times are ahead. Better times are to come.

Maybe I’ll write a fiction book soon. Or I won’t because I’m too depressed. I hope I can not be so depressed.

Well, back to solitary confinement. Wish me luck.

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