Sometimes it’s not easy to be grateful. I know for myself I sometimes want to dwell on what I don’t have. When I dwell on what is missing I become sad, angry, anxious, stressed-out. It’s not worth it to dwell on what isn’t.

Rather, when I dwell on what I do have going for me, I’m much happier. I find that if I channel my thoughts to the good things in life, and am happy, grateful for these things, I’m much better off throughout the day.

Things can be good health, housing, a vehicle, a bed, water. It can be anything that gives you peace of mind.

I believe being grateful also makes me humble. I find humility in gratitude. I can tend my own garden so to speak, when I’m humble and grateful.

This ties into my budgeting. I am grateful for the opportunities presented to show I can budget accordingly. I know I’m not a liar, nor am I a nefarious person. I may be a little bit like Homer Simpson, kind of a idiot who spends money unwisely, but I’m not a bad person.

I’m also extremely grateful for the help that I receive from my family. They help out a lot and I truly am grateful. I may not understand the social dynamics of our relationships within the family, but they aren’t vicious, and my misunderstanding can be placed on a shelf to be forgotten.

Just because I don’t understand change, doesn’t mean I cannot accept the changes happening. It has taken me some time to accept these changes occurring, although I see I am able to adapt and thrive. Not just to survive, but to thrive.

Most of life is attitude, it is a state of mind. Surely pain and suffering are inevitable. However, it is our state of mind that dictates how we confront this pain and suffering. Put the pain and suffering to the side. Live life with a smile. Be happy. Be content with what is, and what we have. The rest will work itself out. Things will happen regardless of if we want them to or not. My best advice is to always be prepared to face whatever storm may arise. Be the grounded rock in the center, the unmovable force in the tumultuous storm.

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