As a side note, I plan to develop these essays a bit more. Categories, headings, maybe some bullet points. Make these essays a bit more voluptuous. A full-bodied smoke. Probably not every post will be jacked and marvelous. Some will be side thoughts I want to express.

Gusto and zest are a couple words I like. These words seem to come to my mind when I write fiction. Or anything for that matter.

Ray Bradbury mentioned the word zest. How the stories should be zesty, and fresh. He said something along those lines.

The point I took was to make it interesting. Make the characters, the setting, the landscape, the dialogue, the everything- fascinating.

Sometimes I find myself depressed. When I’m depressed I have no energy to write fiction.

Passion is another word that comes to mind, which helps me get out of my funk. I am passionate about fiction. Telling fiction through the eyes of different made-up fictional characters. In familiar places in America- although names and locations will change, or be vague enough not to have tourists seeking out certain spots across America.

Passionate ideas, passionate thoughts, passionate actions, passionate scheming on the parts of the villains.

All the best stories have passion. They are entertaining because the tension builds, it’s goes up a little, then down a little, then up more, then down a bit. Tension should be a give and take. Pour some tension on, ease back on the tension. Repeat that process until the climax. The climax is the eruption, as is the catalyst an important part earlier on in the story. Narrative arc is a useful way of structuring a story. Although maybe it’s not for every storyteller.

That’s it. I’m glad I’ve got passion again. Won’t let go of it this time!

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