I speak for myself here. Let it go. I let go of the past. I let go of ego.

We see this in the story, FIGHT CLUB. Durden is the ego of the narrator, and in the end he basically kills his ego. In the novel, we’re not sure where the narrator is at. Is he dead? Is he in a coma? We don’t really know as it’s never made clear where the narrator is at after taking a bullet in the mouth.

I don’t know about all the transcendent stuff. What I’ve read about self transcendence is that if I were to claim this, I wouldn’t really have transcended from my ego. Which is funny, to say- “my” ego. I think ego can manifest in many different ways through each human being. In the end, though, I think ego is ego. It’s not mine or your’s, and it’s an illusion that seems to feed off of our acceptance of it within.

So screw you ego, I’m done with you.

I don’t have to understand things in my life that don’t make sense. To attempt to understand or gain clarity would be selfish. Ego. Not about that.

You mean, you’re telling me, that if I don’t give a hoot about what other people say or do, then that’s a start? That if, I don’t change who I am because of what other people do or say, that I can live more freely from attachment? Wow, that’s not so bad. Give up attachment? I dig that concept. To be emotionally unattached? Yes, I can do that.

In some way it does remind me of indifference. Indifference to being attached. It’s a big whatever to the drama. Surely even love creates drama. Being attached, I think, also goes hand in hand with expecting things to happen. Again, expectancy is different that expectations. Until we meet again, is expectancy. I want you to change, is an expectation. No more of that either. Accept, don’t neglect. Allow all things to be and do what they will. Don’t dwell, meditate. If you wander, that’s okay. I don’t think wanderers are necessarily lost.

So yeah. Good stuff.

See ya next time, or whenever, if ever,


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