I don’t mean to alarm anyone.

The point I want to make to clear to you all about me is that I don’t care what happens. I’m going to continue to write as much as possible.

Not that staying active will achieve any goals, but it makes the day move by faster. If I stay focused and concentrated on craft work, I find that I really am in a zone. In a zone, a tunnel, with that laser-like tunnel vision focus. Point A to point B. Point B to point C, and so on. No short cuts. No folding up shop.

No one around when I’m independent. Baby Keem says something along those lines. Play Family Ties by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. The song starts off bumping. Baby Keem drops in and is fire. Funny how that worked out. Baby Keem has been sick with it since day one. Still, look how long it took him before the world realized how sick with it he is.

I don’t have plans to be Baby Keem, or drop in on the music industry. This is my art craft, this writing and you reading. Will it ever pay off? Oh, it pays off every time I write. Because I get better with each essay. I improve upon how I work this creative craft.

To master a craft seems like something that is worth it. To gain access to a flow unstoppable. Where each word echoes in the hearts of men and women. Timeless. Going beyond self comprehension. Beyond what I even know to be real or not. The unknown. What comes after death? I have no idea. Maybe something, maybe nothing. Regardless, I have no clue. That somehow, fascinates me.

If I can somehow go beyond self consciousness, I’m about it. If nothing else it is the work, the hours spent grinding, that shall do this. The work. The work will set me off into unknown, uncharted territories. I can pull from that well as often as possible, that muse always around in the unknown. Maybe I have to find the muse but the muse is around unknown places. Places of pure magic, of a dreamland beyond dreams.

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