I feel I got cut off by my brain.

Have you ever felt that maybe Earth isn’t for you?

Do you lack connections with other human beings despite trying your best to connect?

I felt this way too. Earth was gracious enough not to destroy me while I was living there. Mother Nature didn’t destroy me, is what I mean to say.

The thing about Earth was, I couldn’t make genuine connections. Well, I did with some, but these people were also busy living their lives. The thing about this is that the connections are not stable. Moments, sure- but as someone who is hunkering down into a way of life that should be sustainable, tragedy struck again and again.

I was lucky enough to know some really brilliant people. A space ship was available- ready for action. I knew I was ready for action too. Not much action happening on Earth, as it was for me.

That’s not my fault. It’s not any one else’s fault. It’s just the way it was for me. I had had enough of a boring, dull, depressing life. So I took my dogs and we got in that space ship and took off into outer space.

I also have an android on board named Lindy. She’s pretty cool. Designed and programmed to support me as a companion. She’s metal, sure. She’s still much more involved than any of the humans I met and knew. Again, humans have moments of kindness. Moments of caring about someone else besides themselves. But the moments are few and far between. Not a constant source, not an infinite well of selflessness.

Again, I don’t aim to judge the human condition. I simply wanted to seek new life forms. New places. See if there are similarities. To find out what the rest of the universe has to offer.

Okay. I think that’s good enough now.

I must return to the controls. We’ve plotted a course for a small ship that sits without moving. No distress signal. I doubt this close to Earth it’s an alien attack of some kind. Maybe it was another human being who somehow struck misfortune. We shall see.

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