Imagine I am in outer space. Imagine that, you live on Earth. I cannot see you in person, as I am in outer space. You may see pictures of me. What I used to look like on Earth. And I can see pictures of you, living your lives on Earth.

I’m sorry, but I knew outer space was the place for me. It was very sad living on Earth. You all left me alone. I figured, “why not explore the galaxy?” So that’s what I now do.

I was angry at human beings for a long time, since I myself am mostly human being. I saw all these minorities demanding love and respect, equality, in a world that will never be equal. And that also made me sad- because I said, “hey! Me too!” I also wanted love, and respect. To be heard. But no one cared about me, as a minority.

For you see I am a giant, like my elder Loki. So therefore, I’m different. I also had a brain injury. Leaving me mentally handicapped. Yet, I’m not a minority. Which is a lie. Told by other liars.

Surely the new species I visit will have liars amongst them. I can only hope that liars aren’t the ones controlling the planets I visit. Like they do on Earth.

I am a citizen of the cosmos, a civilian for hire. I roam galaxies and want to know as much as I can about the universe. Every little nook and cranny. Because Earth was such a letdown. Humans believe they are powerful. Again, they lie. I guess I was in too much pain on Earth. So I had to leave.

I don’t blame humanity. I don’t blame anyone. I’m not sending this message to accuse or judge. I’m saying Earth wasn’t for me anymore. I decided it was necessary for me to leave.

I think the more settled I get traveling outer space I’ll eventually send you all books to read. Probably available for purchase on that thing called Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon has outer space hubs to order and receive books to read. They’re all over the galaxy. Which is funny, how far they’ve gone without people on Earth knowing about it.

I hope you have a nice day, or evening, or afternoon. I wish you the best. I really do.

Now, I go to explore the universe.

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