I’ve got some stalkers again. Hey! You’re probably “family”- how do you like what I write? I’m sure you’re like, “wow- this dude has mad skills”. Or, you’re trying to punish for me, because you believe I deserve to be punished. I guess you really know me, better than I know myself. Haha, that makes me laugh. Conservative Christians, you stalk me, don’t you? Why? What do you think I have to say about you? You are NOTHING to me. You are absent, therefore- you amount to nothing. You’re less than zero, and is why I avoid you at all costs. Spy on me, go ahead; I’ve got nothing to hide.

Also, I think it’s funny. black is all the colors together. white is the absence of color. Surely, we are not “black and white”. We have tones, shades. I’m of a lighter shade, whereas some people are of a darker shade. Does this mean the darker folks think they know more than the lighter folks? I don’t trust that at all. I’m open, and I’m also attached to nothing. I see what I see. I don’t think darker skinned folks know any more than the rest of us. To believe so is foolish, and in its own way- a regime of sorts I will not accept. I will not bow before ANYONE. For I am a spiritual being having a human experience. My spirit bows before the universe alone.

Otherwise, not much else to report. Still cruising the galaxies I can cruise through. I play games on board the spaceship. I talk with Lindy- great conversationalist, she is. And I play with my dogs. I don’t watch television anymore. I read books and I write, when I’m not doing the other stuff.

I find that I’m excited more often than not. I have energy once again. I can do so much more sober than I could wasted. Seems simple, but it was very complex for me to finally get it. I had to work really hard. I had to put aside my ego. Forgo myself, in hopes of something better. Something better remains undefined. I don’t know where this energy is coming from. Maybe The Force? I dunno, though. So, I won’t pretend like I do know.

I’m going to read some now. I hope you have a nice Friday, on Earth time. Its always nice to know the weekend is near, isn’t it? Anyhoo, have a good one. Be safe, but remember to smile as well. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the ride. Let go of the worries and doubt. Be yourself. It’s okay to be you. Don’t care about what others think, say, or do. You’re magic in a body. So live through yourself. The spiritual side, the side of your energy. And dance. Know, that everything is going to be alright.

See ya next time,

Space Ranger

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