I can’t believe I didn’t get on here and post more sadistic, cruel stuff.

Social media. It’s a wild ride. Sometimes so wild, that it turns dark, the depths of evil know no bounds.

Of course, it’s all in my head. I think that’s, fascinating. The problem is I sometimes am too in my head.

Someone once told me, “when it seems the walls will close in and crush you, in reality, that’s not the case”.

With that in mind, I really am taking a break from social media. In fact, I may not return. I think even in outerspace my mind wants to convince me social media is a swell place to make friends with other people. Perhaps that is true for some. For me, I’ve found that social media is too much for me to handle. The lights are so bright and overwhelming, I sometimes act out of character. I don’t like when this happens. It makes me look ugly and foolish, and mean.

It’s like the hobbit Bilbo in a way. Until adventure calls, I will stay by myself in my hobbit hole. My space ship is really what it is, but similar in ways. Deep down I’d prefer not to bother anyone, nor do I wish to be bothered. “Oh, you’re no bother, Phil” I appreciate that, but social gatherings are unpleasant for me.

Met some cool folks on Twitter. But I’d rather focus on my writing. When I personally care about social media, I lose sight of my narrative craft of writing tales, be it fiction or non-fiction. Maybe a bit of both.

It’s not your fault, and it’s- more my fault if any fault is to be placed. I should’ve known better than to want to be popular. Can’t force these things. I give up on being lovable and popular. Adorned like someone who can do no wrong, who has a solid grasp on reality. I know no secrets. I take it one day at a time. And I am flawed. I’ll always be imperfect.

With that, my apologies for being a “Darth Vader” haha. I’m going to leave everything as I left it. Eventually all you’ll see are these posts. And you’ll notice, if you’re paying attention, that I don’t tweet. I write essays, memoirs, sometimes little fiction pieces. While I cruise the galaxies. I’ve said it before, but I care too much- I’m too kind, too nice. I’m working on that. I’m working on being more for myself, and let others figure it out for themselves. Time to get back to my mission objectives each day. To really grind. Work as often and as consistently as possible. Really get this engine firing on all cylinders.

You live your lives, I’ll live mine. And if you do read my work, may we be ships passing in the night. I can’t handle fame, probably not fortune. Some day? Some day isn’t today, so it doesn’t matter- it is of no importance or consequence to this moment. With that, I go now to drink coffee and listen to audio version of Red Dwarf, compliments of a cool dude named Rich.

See ya,

Space Ranger

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