I could call people nasty names. I could bash ethnicities, whites included. But nah.

Do you know why, NAH?

Because I don’t fucking care. Live. Do whatever. Be whoever the fuck you choose to be. Won’t stop me from being me.

I realize, serious talk, fuck you guys and gals. Not like I hate you all, you human beings. I just don’t care about what you think say or do. It doesn’t matter. None of this, really matters. We want to be entertained. We don’t want to think too hard. We want to feel emotions.

Fuck it. I can do that. Not on here, because why would I do something I’m good at for free? I won’t. I’ll give you tidbits, observations I’ve made about what I’ve seen. But otherwise, it’ll be the same old same old.

You don’t want to take advice. I don’t really want to take advice either. I know what the fuck I’m doing. And regardless the impediments that arise, I won’t stop what I’m doing.

So be it.

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