Time is all we have.

Change, inevitable.

Time to change, as one might say. Time to become what I know I am. Deep down inside of myself I’ve known to be someone who enjoying performing, entertaining. Be it through my writing, or conversations with others in public or on the phone. I’m becoming someone of nuance. With strokes of a brush that exude my self onto whatever I create.

I know longer care about what others might believe to be true about me. Let them think what they want. I know that maybe some people enjoy my antics. Or have, as I go forward without antics of any sort.

Besides my self. Love me or leave me be. You know me? Do you enjoy what I say? Or, do you not enjoy? If not, write about it. Speak my name when and where you might be able to.

I’m too focused on my dreams. Current days include reading books, writing fiction and non-fiction; spending time with the dogs, and reading once again. I find that I can edit, and revise, but I make sure it counts the first time I sit down to write.

It’s my grandfather’s birthday today. I wish my father would reach out to him and tell him he loves him. Probably my father will not do the same. Instead he’ll say nothing. I’d be surprised if he messaged his father.

Anyway, time to get back to fiction writing.

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