Today I published my first book, DYSTOPIAN AMERICA, on Amazon. Currently only the ebook is available, with Kindle Unlimited applied. My editor helped walk me through the steps to publish on Amazon, and it wasn’t so tough at all.

This book won’t win any prizes or awards. I’m more than good with that being true.

I was so afraid to publish. I felt that my work was complete shit. I questioned if I’d ever become better. Or, if I was doomed to be a hack. With the low self-esteem and a lack of fellow writers reading my work and giving me feedback, I almost gave up on being a storyteller.

I’m so glad I did not give up. That I decided to say, “fuck it”, and publish what I’ve been working on.

It’s a shorty, 66 pages on the ebook, I think around a hundred pages in the print version. I’m also good with this.

All I needed to do was get enough material together, and publish it for others to read.

I’ve decided right now that I will continue to write and publish stories, regardless of the negative reviews and comments. Haven’t had any yet, but it’s too early for any reviews whatsoever.

If I receive no reviews, I’ll still continue writing and publishing stories.

I realize this was something very special to me. To get myself into the game as a published author. That’s all I wanted, really. I made that happen. I did that. I still can’t believe it’s real. I made my dreams a reality. And that, reader, is why I will continue to make my dreams a reality by publishing stories in the future.

I’ll keep saying that patience is the key. Another code I live by now is to not bitch about life, and to not talk shit about other people. With this code, I therefore give gratitude for life, and uplift others in conversation.

I know my outlook is undeniable to me, now. I realize I actually did the impossible. Which means I can do other impossible things. It seemed impossible for me to control my emotional outbursts, but it’s not impossible. I can control my emotions, not give into emotions. To not let my emotions rule my life. I rule my life. Not my emotions.

Well, that’s it I guess. I finally see the way I had hoped to see. Everything is so clear now. So easy, in a way. Be nice to others. Compliment others. Give praise to others. All things I’ve been focused on recently.

I’m glad I took that leap of faith, by publishing DYSTOPIAN AMERICA.

If you look up Philip Webb + Dystopian America, you will find my book. If it looks interesting, please, give it a read. I’d be beyond grateful if you do.

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