It’s been almost a week since I published my first fiction book, DYSTOPIAN AMERICA. The initial shock has diminished, although I still feel renewed as a person.

I could have waited. Jesus, could I have waited and waited. Instead, I pulled the motha fuckin’ trigger aka I published what I had. I warn readers that this first edition of my first fiction novel isn’t great. Some of it might be good, or even really good. If not, that also makes sense. If any reader thinks I suck, rock on. I decided my ambitious “fuck it” attitude is what propels me further into my desire to continue publishing fiction books.

Could DYSTOPIAN AMERICA been better? Fuck it. It’s something. A place to begin. I’m no savant, or prodigy. I’m an average person who strives to write unique and meaningful sentences. I think my admitting that I’m just a regular dude only helps me through the process of life. Maybe I won’t be famous. Maybe I’ll be a mediocre author. I’m good with that. If I can impact even a few readers through my fiction, then I can die happy.

By the way, I don’t have any plans for dying in the foreseeable future. I will eventually die, as do all living things. But I think I’ll be around for more than the end of this year. Time is valuable. It’s precious because our bodies are not timeless. We only have so much time before we pass away from this existence. Maybe we come back. Maybe we enter a new reality. Or maybe there’s nothing at all. Who knows. It’s a rabbit hole many of us could go down, but would we ever find the truth? In this life, I dunno- seems we’re all taking our best shot in the dark, so to speak.

DYSTOPIAN AMERICA is my first shot in the dark. Now, I’ll improve. I’ll revise each story before beginning a new story. I’ll edit the same way. I’ll consider each chapter as it’s own thing. Transition and bridge the material together, best I can. And I’ll aim to do better with each story. Ray Bradbury spoke about Charles Beaumont getting better and better, as they worked together in LA. Bradbury admired Beaumont’s passion for improving, and working, always writing and showing to those interested in watching, or reading.

I love to learn. I love to improve upon the craft of storytelling and the craft of writing. I love to watch and support other authors/artists/poets in their creative efforts. It’s amazing to be a part of stories. For I truly feel we are all made of stories, ya know- stardust. Star power! I always loved Mario, flower power, mushroom power, star power- that’s some awesome, wholesome, good feeling powers!

I don’t think of myself as better or worse than any of you. I’m me. I do love to create and share stories, ideas, and flow through the world that is our imaginations. Best wishes, and happy Odin’s Day!

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