How am I? I am, that’s how I am.

What am I here to do? I write. I am here to write.

Does it matter? Maybe.

I focus on motion, doing. I write. What I do is I write.

I also read. I play Mortal Kombat mobile. I meditate. I rest.

I focus on doing. I do. I abide by the rules as the rules apply to me. And I keep doing. Do it. The moments come and go while I do, infinite doing.

Of course death will happen, at some point in time. Ultimately, time is what it is. my organic matter cannot escape entropy. I accept this aspect of matter.

However, the sensation of energy, will never die. Is timeless, infinite. We all experience this. Be it in many ways, it is. In many ways, I’m no different than anyone else. Yet, everyone of us is unique, different from person to person.

It does feel good to just be, to live. To not think, but just be. The sensation is splendid.

Well, perhaps it’s time for me to rest.

Until the next episode,

-Philip Webb

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