To acknowledge an inconvenience for what it is, there’s nothing wrong with that. Letting the inconvenience bother me, or knock me out of doing, then it becomes an issue. To give emotional attachment to inconveniences is unwise, from what I’ve learned.

What I’ve also learned is, that most often it is never as awful as I imagine it would be. For example, I’ve got to take my truck into the auto shop. I can estimate that I’ll be there for at least an hour. So, I’m not waiting, I’m patient. Patience is not the same as waiting. Waiting implies that action is inevitable, I must strike at some point. Patience doesn’t move until it’s time to move. All things in good time, don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.

It’s not as bad as we think, 9 times out of 10. That one time it becomes intense, I’ve always found that I didn’t even expect it to occur. Somehow, I’m able to adjust. Probably because since I was unaware, I had absolutely zero thought around what was to occur. It was a surprise. I think Karma loves to surprise us, at times. To learn a lesson, of course.

Well, this is short. Short and sweet. Keep it simple. Less is more, sometimes.

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