Med? Who knows. You wouldn’t understand, anyway.

Oh yeah.

Tom Hardy.

This is speculation, so I’ll choose the words with wisdom, I shall.

Tom Hardy has a heart of gold. I can sense it. The force is strong with Mr. Hardy.

With that, there’s probably, also more to it than meets the eye. Usually, this observation is true for all of us. Complex. Layers. Dynamic. Ahhhh.

I’m a combination of ideals. I’m sure Tom is similar, in a sense.

I’ve seen Tom send a personal get well to a fan, who was going through an illness of the body that might have, or did (not sure), taken her life.

She wasn’t famous. Just an ordinary person, as society deems it so.

Now, I’ve seen some of Tom’s films. He’s acting, but still. Almost like he’s been through some stuff that scarred him. So he’s already familiar with the material for the film, for his part, on a personal level.

Now, I say this: I could be wrong. I could be an dumbass, and am way off. Could be. Maybe.

Anyway, I think we all struggle with mental health. We humans. Some have it worse, some not as horrific. Either way, pain is pain. So, we come to sense it, in others.

So it goes.

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