I have access to this page (statistics) where I notice views and visitors.

All are always welcome to visit. What you read, may or may not, make you feel a certain type of way.

The visitors, how many visitors, matters to me. In the sense that, it’s nice to have visitors. For I struggle to maintain balance, and, to see that people still check in, that you come around, makes me cry and smile and laugh.

With all that I’ve done, I am not worthy, or deserving. I want you to know this is why gratitude grows stronger within me each day I’m alive. Gratitude is limitless, it is eternal, there are no boundaries to how magnificent gratitude can be. I seek to learn, to grow in gratitude.

Maybe people will stop visiting. For whatever amount of time it may be. But, I’ll remember the good times we had. I’ll remember the sensation.

I want to say more, but if I say too much, it would still never be enough.

I’ll wrap things up with this. Aron Beauregard just recently released his newest fiction story, Playground. One of the final pages is the, about the author, page.

Something about Aron as a person, that makes me feel like I’m not alone. PTSD can be one hell of a thing. I think Aron might have some PTSD. I think he fully knows about ghosts from the past, except, these ghosts were actually human beings. Crazy, they appeared to be human beings- and, who knows. Maybe they too were human. But beings? Things are not always as they appear… And that will haunt me for the rest of this life that I live. There’s sometimes more to it, than meets the eye. Be on your guard, Frodo Baggins. For the world outside the Shire is a dangerous place. Anyway…

Until next time,

Philip Webb

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