Never Say Never

I said, “I’ll never be back to tweet on twitter”.

Now, this is foolish, because I did come back to tweet on Twitter. So who’s the clown now?

However, I’m not really back on Twitter. I dip my feet into Twitter. Just a little dip. Now and then.

I may tweet and then not log back into Twitter for a day or two.

This is because the more I wanted Twitter to become me, it consumed me, it did- in the worst ways possible. I lost myself, and not in a good way. The more power I gave Twitter over my emotions, the less welcoming I became, in my tweets. To the point people unfollow, or block me.

Which, I guess needed to happen so many times before I went back to the drawing boards. Wiped the board clean, so there was pure open board space. I came up with a new plan of attack that, for the time being, works.

I’ll still be transmitting from here, most often. If I tweet, maybe it’ll be vague and nebulous. That way I don’t expect anything. Just random tweets here and there, and that’s good enough. When I expect people to fall in love with a tweet, it rarely ever happens. If I’m fucking around and having fun, then- the fun is the focus.

I have to find what works for me. Because I want things to flow as smoothly as possible. I know, don’t we all. Well, this is me figuring it out. For the time being. As time changes, the being, the nature, the essence, might also change. Which means I’ll have to adjust what works. What works now may not work the same, for me, a year from now. I can’t explain how that works, why that is, but I think if you’ve got a solid grasp on the ever changing nature of life, you’ll probably agree with my theory. Sometimes we just have to hold on for dear life. Wait until the storm passes. Because I am convinced that it’s all passing through. The trick for me is to be this when calamity (as I feel it to be calamity) strikes again. Sometimes, I get really froggy; other times I can handle my stress and anxiety like a fucking Jedi. The trick for me is to handle unexpected bullshit like a Jedi does, all the time.

Mine as well try.

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