I sorta read a particular book, once.

The author made it clear, that the entity known as Seth, was the one speaking.

Which is to say, this person went into hibernation, so that this Seth entity could take control.

Seth was speaking through this human. Which is strange, weird, odd- maybe even a little bit eerie.

Best way I can figure, is that this person, found a secret level. This life is a track, certainly there are many tracks in life. However, I’ll refer to Mario Kart, in this context. Mario Kart had secret portals. My friend Matt was the first person to be like, “check this shit out”. And it blew my mind. How did Matt know of this portal? How in thee hell?

He did, and that’s all that matters. The point of the portal was, that when the player re-entered the “normal” track, the player was suddenly transported further ahead than the rest. Go through the portal, you’re in there for like, I dunno- ten seconds. Come back on the track everyone else thinks is the only path. And the player just gained thirty seconds of advancement, in a matter of ten seconds.

Space and time. All that jazz.

In life, I’m convinced humans can find secret levels, secret portals, and such. Secrets that, only the individual can find for the individual. To speak about it to others, well- it doesn’t make any sense until others find that secret place for themselves.

I’m also convinced this is why certain people dominate the industry they are apart of. The book with the guy claiming to be Seth, wasn’t hugely popular. But then again, it wasn’t presented as fiction, thus making it a strange text indeed.

Turn it into fiction- say, “this is a work of fiction”, and somehow, I dunno. It seems to be a more profitable endeavor than non-fiction. Of course, that’s just what I think, for the time being. Don’t let me persuade or dissuade what you think. I’m here to give you ideas to consider. If it doesn’t make sense, then no worries. I never feel that I’m wasting my energy when I write. Well, sometimes I realize what I’ve written is garbage. I do at that realization throw it in the trash.

Because, I’m human. As a human, I’ve got to play by the universal rules that humans are bound by. If I don’t, surely I’ll make a fool of myself. It’ll happen here and there. It’s more a matter of minimizing these moments. If they do happen, bounce back as fast as I can. Get back in the saddle, again.

Now, I go to play Mortal Kombat Mobile. For it is time I do that.

Philip Webb

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