Flying Cars, Psh- A Thing of the Past

This world will endure much more than we know. In fact, we’ll die, and the world will still be around.

That’s not to say this planet will corrode from within, and disappear.


Not in our lifetime.

Fly cars will become a thing of the past, for teenagers, someday. We never thought it possible, and in our lifetime probably it won’t happen. But to teens of the future, even flying cars will be obsolete. Time travel is sure to happen. It’s bound to happen at some point. But…

Not in our lifetime.

There’s a saying, enjoy the moments. There’s another saying: enjoy the small stuff. Some love obsolete junk cars. For some, that is a way of life. In fact, some… Even make boku money with a tv show about junk cars, restoring them, making magic.

Find you way. For I am only a transmitter. From where? Somewhere in Arizona, as it would happen. But I am not here to win the hearts of you, as a lover. I’m here to be a friend to all.

For C.S. Lewis was absolutely right about friendship being the best kind of love. C.S. Lewis enjoyed most the love of his friend in J.R.R. Tolkien, I believe. And, I think C.S. Lewis truly missed his friend J.R.R. Can’t read it anywhere. I sense it though. And I do pity C.S. Lewis. I mean to say I feel bad for him. He fucked around, and he found out.

I think, don’t fuck around. Don’t find out. It’s worse than you think it is. I promise that.

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