Always Open, Never Attached

It’s simple, yet complex- always opened, never attached. I’m always open to giving social media a chance. At the same time I’m always unattached to social media.

If I sense I’m on too much, I get off Twitter (that’s what she said- sorry, sorry. Old habits die hard). If I’m not active enough, I’m open to some posts on social media.

It’s a balance. Not too much, not too little.

Re-directing. Channel the flow. Master of mind and heart. One with the energy, within and surrounding. Go with what the flow wants.

The flow of life. Easier said than done, I know this for a fact. However, I play the game of life. I must play until it’s game over for my connection of mind, body, energy. Don’t know where I’ll go, although I feel I want to be prepared, ready for whatever. Best to be the best version of myself possible when death takes me.

No worries, or even- it’s whatever. No big deal. It’s not the end of the world. It could be worse. It’s all good. Yes, cliches in many ways. So what. These sayings work for me. The trick is to re-direct, re-direct, if I’m doing too much, or not enough.

I must focus on balance. Harmony. Unison. A functioning part of the collective whole that is humanity. Living energy. We are alive. Therefore, I’ll do my part to function in unison with humanity. It’s no fun to be alone, as a human being. Sometimes, the human being I am, I do enjoy solitude. However, I also enjoy social time with other people. I believe I won’t be friends with everyone, that’s no worries. I do also simultaneously believe I will connect with other people in amazing ways. A balance. Haters and lovers. Sisters and brothers.

Oh my.

Philip Webb

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