The small details set in place make for fine craftsmanship.

The nuances give life to the otherwise ordinary, mundane thoughts.

We writers use words- the exotic, ambiguous fornicating with the imagination. Subtle reminders of past memories, future ambitions. I love to write words. String them like the beans in a green bean pod.

My purpose has nothing to do with fame or fortune. If it were I’d of given up long ago. I intend to imagine worlds. Characters, different scenarios. I love to write creative fiction, as well as creative non-fiction. The more I write, and if I write each day, I’m well on my way.

I want to improve in the writing craft. Become a better storyteller. Each day, even a fraction of a centimeter forward, true North… I’ll take it. I’m grateful. Honored. Humbled. Because, I’ve grown. I’ve evolved. With this I feel content. I continue to move. To act. To speak. Onward with intentions to speak my heart and mind. To find more balance each day within. Meditate. Move. Meditate. Move.

Gratitude is an art, a craft. Love is an art, a craft. Humility is an art, a craft. It takes work. Day in and day out. As many moments as possible, be one with the craft. It’s honest, it’s also tough labor. At the end of the day, it’s always a great sensation. Spoke with a friend the other day. We spoke of using our hands. To repair vehicles. To work with the soil and the dirt. To plant seeds for food. Work with the light of the sun, rest in the glow of the moonlight.

Have an amazing weekend. Relax if it’s possible. I am aware and acknowledge that it’s possible work needs be done to secure food and shelter for you and yours. However, take a quick five minute break, here and there. That’s wisdom. I can’t cat nap, but I do meditate for a quick five minutes when I’m overly stressed. Sometimes, I drift aimlessly. I try not to overthink. Sometimes, as I mentioned I do overthink, and it’s never been helpful or to my benefit. That’s what I know about overthinking. Yes, be gentle, because mistakes are bound to happen. We’re not flawless beings. We can exhibit flawless imaginings, although, in reality, I still bump my toe. I still overthink (D’oh!). Get back in the saddle, again. Yes, that’s a song I’m quoting, look it up- I think it’s a pretty awesome song.

See ya next time.

Philip Webb

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