Outside a Box

A regular cardboard box from uHaul will do. Or where ever cardboard boxes are sold.

The kind items are put in. Not a place to store living energy. I guess, free will and what not, people can do as they want. Of course, so can I. I’m a person, people.

If I feel paranoid, I can say outlandish things. Delusional, eh- I don’t believe so. Maybe for a brief time in space. Of course I reel it back in. I can see fault in myself.

I can disagree with statements I made in previous context. Isn’t that evolving? I think so. To see a mistake. Correct the mistake.

I over react. I over think. I go off the beaten path. Then I come back. Never not returned to true North.

I’m a passionate being. I do wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes it’s an amazing quality for everyone (me included), other times it rubs others the wrong way.

Win some, lose some.

It’s tough being sober from all mind altering substances.

Can you believe, I struggle with mental health, at times? It’s no one’s fault, it’s my battle to overcome as often and as consistently as possible. The more I overcome my circumstances, the better off life is for myself, my family- my friends and fans.

I’ll never apologize to the haters. I do mean to explain to friends, family, fans, why I am the way I am. Mental health isn’t always the easiest, am I right? We all know this. I’m not saying I’ve got more to overcome, I don’t compare and contrast with living beings. I feel we all are in the same emotional boat. Some have a better grasp on properly controlling, managing, channeling emotional energy- I’m here to say I’ll be working on that mastery every day.

Some days, I take a step or two backwards. I say foolish things sometimes. I whiff like a… Yeah, you know.

As long as I take more steps forward, so I at least gain a step in the right direction, as it applies, to me- then I know I’m on that best life game.

That’s it, I’ve said enough I think. If these become too long, I dunno. They begin to feel like a rant.

See ya

Philip Webb

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