Mad & Sane

Another great title, if I do say so myself.

I’m diving back into fiction writing. The plan I have going forward will be to journal and give entries explaining the process. What does work, and what doesn’t work.

That’s all. As of now I don’t have much, other than a character named Alan. Alan has been reading the graphic novel, V for Vendetta. It’s a banned book, that, if Alan is caught with possessing the book, he’ll be sentenced to death. By fire at the stake. Crucified and burned alive.

I’ve said too much. Stay tuned for fiction writing updates.

Have a wonderful evening, the eve before Christmas Eve. To all the women who show me love, I love you too. Thanks for not abandoning me. I hope to prove myself, to show forever as I move forward, to not make mistakes as I have in the past. If I fuck up, I want to make it a minor accident. Not a shitbird statement.

Peace out, ya people. See you when I see you next.

Philip Webb

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