Related. It’s all the same, in some way.

I feel most have lost this commonality. That as a race we’ve drifted and encapsulated ourselves.

This is not the way.

Remember the souls you’ve made a indelible mark upon. Don’t forget your allies, your true supporting team. In fact, embrace and celebrate these individuals. Let them know, in good time, that they matter to you.

For this country is doomed. Soon we shall see a new world order. Be it the Republicans or the Democrats. The green party won’t win, neither will the libertarian party. This isn’t a fairytale, this is a nightmare. On the soil we live in.

Abrupt, too intense. Prepare for the worst, you can only expect the best. To me that means I better be prepared for the worst case scenario. If I’m not, I’m as lost as the lost are. I’m a wanderer, a beginner of life, always. I can always learn something. I’m a student, an artist who never stops learning.

For my part, it may not matter. The timing may not be right. Perhaps I’ve stained too many gatekeepers souls. Who can really say for certain. I’m no Adolph Hitler, meaning, I’m not out for blood.

I’m the dude. Fuck it. If it doesn’t matter to you, then fuck it. Who cares. I don’t care. That’s for certain.

You can love me, or you can leave me alone. Otherwise you’re a hating sack of shit.

The end.

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