My good friend Mel said fuck it, be selfish.

Couldn’t be more spot on, Mel.

My sisters Kort and Kare matter. My mom and dad matter.

Some of you, I do care about, in a profound way. The thing is, your dark father has private matters to handle. I’m not abandoning those of you who matter. What I’m doing is I’m doing me.

I’ve heard African Americans say that phrase a lot. Because, if you’ve known African Americans the way I have, you know that they too have to say fuck it. Ultimately abide by the way things are. Don’t allow racism, but at the same time, fuck it- it’s real, and not much to be done about it. Can’t change the mind of a true racist. So, be on guard. And, sadly, don’t make a scene. Because while my skin isn’t dark, I’m a giant, and I look like a criminal. I made the choice to tattoo my body up, become even more of a freak. But I’m glad I did. I can empathize with what it’s like to be looked at, and know most people, are intimidated. Based on appearance.

I’m not a minority in the same way, but I am indeed seen as a minority individual. I don’t play off of my European genes, because I’m more Eastern European. What does that mean? It means, I’m not as trusting of Europeans as per say, a central european is. That’s not to say those central Europeans who have known what the government is, an institute of power and control, don’t think like most Eastern Europeans do. As I’m sure there are those wealthy Eastern Europeans who make deals with the forces that be on the regular, and are slithering snakes. You have to consider, the majority of people, the working class in Eastern Europe? Don’t got shit. Can’t have anything because they make dirt poor wages.

I’m speaking up for my heritage, because I’m not a German driven maniac. Got some German blood, but I’ve also got Scandinavian blood. As do I have Scottish and Spanish blood. I’m a mut- probably got some indigenous blood in me too, wouldn’t doubt that for a second.

I’ve rambled on, but it’s time I matter most. Because I know, I’m like the king who wears NO crown. And I’m out to prove it. To shut the haters down. To prove to myself that I was spot on.

Philip Webb

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