First, I’m not comparing, or contrasting either of these individuals. They are two separate individuals I want to express gratitude towards. RT Slaywood is his own person, as is Duncan Ralston his own person.

Any similarity between these two individuals would be their uncanny ability to remain true to themselves. Easier said than done, as most any real, honest person would admit. Finding ourselves is a task. To be who we are, while maintaining enough dignity to stay composed as a human being should, is even more of a feat. Many claim they are who they are, and yeah- perhaps. But some say this, and yet are shiny dickheads, more often than not.

We all can act a fool. Whether justified or not, we are humans, being, at the end of the day. None of us are perfect. If we inflict insults or snarky retorts, we might find drama. Brian Keene is known for the catch phrase, “fuck around and find out”. I’m sure Brian didn’t invent this, although I’ll give the old salt credit, as he’s a former military man, and a vet who I respect the hell out of. Haven’t even read his work, but I can sense he’s a solid dude in his own way. In fact, a solid dude all-around in the horror community. I’ve only been impressed, and have the utmost respect for Brian, regardless of if he sees me, or feels I’m a clown. I might be a clown, sometimes. Although, I’m green. So it’s par for the course, here and there. I will NOT fuck around, anymore (said so in the last post. It bares repeating). I don’t wanna find out. Fuck that noise. Noise sucks. Music, harmonious, in sync, music. Be it punk, jazz, funk, rock, blues, R&B, rap, hip-hop, alternative. Music is music. So I do my part to make music. In harmony with the flow.

Getting back to the root of this essay, I want to say that RT Slaywood isn’t perfect, and neither is Duncan Ralston. By the same token, it doesn’t matter at all, to me. Why? Because, these two are real. They love entertainment. They are about it. In all shapes and forms. The thing is, no one is wrong, and we’re all right, as far as our reviews of said entertainment. If we could accept, in un-biased fashion, what others think, we’d be much happier as a race of people. Again, not my cross to bear. I’ll enjoy RT Slaywood and Duncan Ralston ’till the day I die, mother fuckers!

I also feel we are kindred spirits, in some way. Can’t define it, but I know that, somehow, we truly see one another, as people, and as entertainers. Duncan and RT may be unacquainted, but s’all good man.

I’m here to say, these two dudes, give me hope. They show me I’m not alone. That it’s okay to feel feelings. Feel, yet do my best to keep myself in check. Don’t go too far out. Yet, don’t be remiss in not saying enough. Make the point. Get in, get out. Have fun. Entertainment is about enjoying life. The nuances and clever observations. The little details always make for a brighter day, don’t they?

Anyhoo, my bumpkin ass goes now to read some fiction. Maybe I’ll write some fiction today. I won’t say if I do, because that’s top secret business. Ok, it’s not top secret- although, what I mean to say is, I’d love to surprise you all with the next book. Like, surprise! Enjoy!

Until next time we meet,

Philip Webb

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