As I Ride The Waves

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I announce my return to literary fiction. I don’t even know what that really means, but, it gets the people going.

I’m a fan of Raymond Carver’s stories. In fact, I’m a fan of contemporary stories, that, aren’t horrific in a “horror” type of way. I’ve got layers that have nothing to do with terror and mayhem. I want to write about life. Relationships, and life. Dennis Johnson was another inspiration, back when I read his work, Jesus’ Son. I think that was the title. And the author. You lose stuff sometimes when you’re brain is damaged. So it goes (Kurt Vonnegut).

I won’t limit myself to horror. I will not put myself in a box, a genre or a specific niche. Won’t do it, not about to ever do that. I see myself being consumed by an extreme, I back the fuck away from it. Need to take a break from horror. Going to focus on relationships. Drugs and alcohol. How none of it really helps when you’ve got limited funds. Because, I’ve lived that life. In some ways still do. However, the dude abides. I’m kinda the dude. Not lookin’ for romance. I dig reading books, writing creative works, and smoking weed. Sometimes booze. It’s what the dude does, man. So, that’s what I do- I am the dude.

I meditate. Then I off your fucking head. K. Dot.

Philip Webb

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