Happy 2023!

If you can’t find yourself in a happy state of mind, try to laugh. Do what you can, to watch or listen to someone, somebodies, make you laugh. Be of good cheer, even when life sucks swamp dick. No one enjoys eating a shit sandwich, but- we all eat ’em from time to time. I guess the lesson is to laugh and chuckle at the shit we eat. Hell, the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust made it through with comedy. That’s no joke, folks. So, if we can, laugh.

I’ve yet to write more than six hundred works for my fiction novel, MADNESS MEETS REASON. That’s alright, though- I’m not worried about it. I’ve spent time listening, and meditating. I don’t contemplate, I meditate. I know the truth. I simply look to dwell within the truth of the universe more and more. Also, I’m a virgo. I think in deep ways. I don’t let lies get past, willy nilly like.

Today, I may have written this little whatever, essay, article, whatever it is. And that’s okay too. Today I enjoy the music made by the rain. I listen to the drops fall upon the Earth. The tile the cement the pool deck. I see grey light. Muted light, although- light. Silver linings. We can all find the silver linings. We must believe! Have good faith in your journey. Your purpose will make itself clear, in good time.

I want to say more, but- I digress before I even begin. I’ll leave you with a random thought. Feel the love and unity that today gives. Listen to music and watch something. Read a book. Move about freely while you roam. Don’t worry. Smile. Laugh and love the air you breathe. Enjoy this ride, every moment being a precious gift. Embrace the unknown. Don’t fear anything. Fear is an illusion. Nothing is worth fretting and fussing over. Walk with pride and confidence. You are special. You are one of a kind. Have faith, while you believe, because you know it’s the absolute truth. Carry on. Onward and upward, my dearest friends.

Philip Webb

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