Forward Motion

The more I write, the more I fall in love with writing. I feel I’m less attached to nonsense when I’m busy writing. I keep writing. I write at least three days during a seven day week. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Readers are reading what I write. This is a huge victory, in my mind. Without readers, this wouldn’t be as much fun as it is now.

I can write about dramatic situations in given scenarios, in my fiction work. Creative fiction allows me to build a world that parallels what I’ve experienced in reality. At least with the contemporary, modern fiction I’ve written thus far. I’m not done writing horror. I want to write about modern day stuff. I want to focus on relationships. Friends, lovers, family, animals. Talk about a person who goes from rags, to riches, back to rags. Homeless life. Conspiracies, and how often times those who speak about conspiracies are deemed slightly insane. I have plans, as I did five, six years ago, for these types of stories.

Since publishing my first fiction book, I’ve gained confidence in myself as an author. I’m no longer as worried about what people will think. The more I write, the less I care about, “will people hate this?”. The more I write, the faster I’m able to build a world of characters. I’m a character driven writer. I do plan to work on this craft until the day I die. I want to think outside the box, as the saying goes. I want to write many different things. I’m familiar with playwriting, screenwriting, novels, short stories, articles, essays, memoirs. Been at this, as a student of the craft, for over a decade. Been writing since I was a kid, but really at this, really studying how it’s done? About eleven years, now. I will humbly give myself credit, because I’d be silly not to mention that I’ve dedicated thousands of hours writing, reading, analyzing, researching, yada yada. I’ve spent most of my energy on entertainment via a story of some sort.

I make no claim to be better than any other writer. I’m not the alpha writer, of writers. I’m a writer. Same as any one else who says they’re a writer. Even if that writer has spent two hours total writing stories, we are equals. We are all made of stories, sounds strange, but it’s true, when you think about it. We are all, in our own ways, storytellers.

I feel as a writer it’s my job to create stories that both entertain, and get people questioning things. Questioning how we see our fellow human beings. How we treat each other. Sometimes, there is no cure. Sometimes, we just keep on keeping on. No one is to blame. Sometimes we come together, then, we fall apart, never to connect again. I want to write a story, or stories, about this phenomena. How we can fall in and out of love with each other. Trips me out, to consider how that’s possible.

Well, I’ve shared enough. These ideas for stories are not original. Which is fine, since there really isn’t anything new under the sun, at this point in history. Re-imagine, re-create. I’m sure I sound like a voice on a page similar to other voices on pages you’ve read. It’s because, I’m Philip Webb, while at the same time being like so-and-so. Those who’ve rubbed off on me, well- I guess we have similar ways of presenting information to an audience.

Ok. See ya next time.

Philip Webb

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