2022 Writing Wrap-Up

I believe I started writing these entries around August of 2022. By the end of the year, of published posts that made the cut, I wrote 32.1 thousand words. That’s non-fiction.

Fiction I probably wrote somewhere around 20k words. If that, to be honest, I didn’t really check how many words DYSTOPIAN AMERICA was before publishing.

That’s a total of about 50k words. Considering I didn’t write as much in 2022 as I did in 2021, I’ll take it. 2021 I wrote over 100k words. Deleted the entire website, for some odd reason. That was the last time I’ll ever do that again.

Today, January 3rd, 2023, I’ve written a few hundred words. Off to a good start, I’d say.

The aim, the focus, is to make damn well sure I write something, every day of this year. Be it a journal entry, as that may be what these are to most, or fiction work. Poetry, eh maybe- maybe this is the year I begin publishing my poetry as well. I guess why not. I’ve got nothing to lose by posting poetry I’ve written.

I think about people who write fiction, and that’s cool. But, they don’t write creative non-fiction. Creative writing includes both fiction and non-fiction. Look it up. Also, why do you think they are referred to as, “creative non-fiction”, and “creative fiction”? Because, both are considered “creative” writings. I hope I explained that well enough for you to see non-fiction is a jam as well. As is it also creative writing. I do both, because I will not limit myself, or put myself in a box as a writer, as a creative writer. The sky is the limit. I really do believe that. I can do anything I set my mind to.

It’s not easy with my brain injury and mood disorder, which in turn becomes manic depression at times. Nevertheless, I can do this. If I can do nothing else, I can for sure write like a demon. I wanna be the best damn fiddler I can be, in this life. I want to grow as a writer. I want to become better. To always be improving on the craft of creative writing. Always a student. Never the Sensei.

Anyway, have a great Tuesday. I wish you all the best.

Philip Webb

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