Review of The Obituaries #3

If you’re a fan of horror, you may or may not have heard about, splatterpunk, aka, extreme horror. If you haven’t, try to imagine the most disturbing fiction that’s around, times that by ten, and that’s splatterpunk.

Three authors I would recommend checking out, if you’re looking to read some Splatterpunk fiction, are-

Kristopher Triana

Daniel J. Volpe

Aron Beauregard

There are many great extreme horror authors that are also worth checking out. These three authors, though, I would say, are really good at creating an interesting yarn of a tale.

The depth of each sentence, the vivid detail and precise description of what matters in a story, stand out in, The Obituaries #3.

I recommend this collection of stories because, these guys are really friggin good at the craft of storytelling. I sometimes have low self-esteem about reviewing authors, because I want to come across as an educated reviewer. I’m glad I don’t let that stop me, anymore.

Have you ever been so entranced in a story? The sentences vibrate, they flow with such grace? I have too. Triana, Volpe, and Beauregard write these kind of sentences. I want to structure my sentences in such a way, that captivates the audience, word by word. These guys are those writers/storytellers.

They aren’t the only storytellers/writers who rock. I also want to say, check out Jay Wilburn’s fiction. I plan to buy a couple of his fiction novels this upcoming Friday. He sadly passed away, in 2022. What I know is, Jay Wilburn was a huge supporter of the horror community, and a good friend to many writers/storytellers who write horror. If you get a chance, please give his stories a chance.

On a lighter note, the last six or seven pages of this book, The Obituaries #3, was so funny, that I think I pissed myself because I was laughing so hard. Yes, they are fake obituary entries. However, oh my universal laughter. I’d gladly pay over $50 to have this book in my house, it’s that fucking funny. Of course, there’s a reminder that all of these people are dead.

To go from extremely horrific characters, to making me laugh my ass off at the brilliantly creative obituary readings, is by far the coolest thing I’ve seen in a book. These authors, seem to be enjoying life, best as possible. I’m not saying they don’t have dark days, or haven’t experienced traumatic events. Nevertheless, if you follow them on social media, they are all actually really cool people, as far as being a person goes. Aron, Daniel, and Kristopher have all shown appreciation for my support of their work, and that always feels nice, that they really do care about their readers/fans.

I don’t want to give away details, because, I want to entice you to pick up The Obituaries #3 and read. Find out for yourself, because that’s the best way to know. I caution you, that, if intense subject matter isn’t your thing, do NOT read these authors.

However, I figure most of you reading these posts are indeed fans of horror, so I think I’m safe in saying, I bet you’ll enjoy these authors. The Obituaries #3 is a limited edition book, so act fast if you plan to secure a copy, before they sell out. If’n they do sell out, try any other of these authors books. Can’t go wrong with anything these gentlemen have for sale on their websites, or through Amazon.

Philip Webb

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